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Chris Cates is a prolific independent artist who has released more than 30 albums since becoming a professional musician at age 13.

Cates's musical style jumps genres but it always has that signature feel good vibe.

He performs public and private shows as a solo artist and with his band Chris Cates & the MasterPlan.

Song Categories for 500+ Chris Cates Originals

Most of these songs were written and recorded in one take in 2010 when Cates wrote, recorded and posted a song every day at chriscates365.com.

Chris Cates & the MasterPlan also feature:

Chris Singleton - bass & vocals

Jason Peeler - drums & vocals

John Kell - sax & vocals

Cates and band have performed for more than a milliion people in seven different countries.

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Aside from Cates's career as a songwriter, producer and live musician, he is also a golf radio and TV personality.

Cates performs his funny golf songs at Golf tournaments and special media events all over the world.

His rock n' roll golf comedy CD "Triple Bogey with 17 Holes to Play" Listen here is a hilarious ode to the game and is a must have for golfers everywhere.

His new golf album "Funny Golf Songs Vol. 1" will be in stores in 2013!!!

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Is Chris Cates the "Greenest" Musican in the World?

In 2007 Chris and his brother Bryan started Simply Green Recycling, a curbside service for Burke and Caldwell Counties in North Carolina that has collected and processed more than 2 million pounds of paper, cardboard, plastic, aluminum, steel and glass to this point.

Chris recycled 1 million pounds personally before moving to Atlanta in 2011 to pursue music and other "Green Business" endeavors.

After moving to Atlanta, Cates made 50 homes 50% more energy efficient by selling and managing spray foam insulation jobs for GCS Spray Foam.

Since fall of 2011, Cates has managed and/or worked on more than 30 solar projects, installing more than 20,000 panels creating more than 4 megawatts of power for Inman Solar; the top solar company in Atlanta.

In 2013, Cates will double his solar array installation.

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